Computer security issues are a very real threat – Karls Technology to the rescue!

We live in a world constantly in flux, in an era of awe-inspiring technological advancements with new and exciting digital gadgets and apps developed at an exponential rate. Whether it’s the newest mobile phone technology you crave, the lightest, thinnest and fastest laptop/tablet or the most sophisticated and efficient storage component (SSD vs. HHD), the wealth of technological inventions has considerably changed the way we function, connect and communicate in today’s modern society. Gadgets and devices are becoming smaller, thinner and smarter, while its usage and storage capacities are subject to an incessant optimization. However, in this time of astounding technological development and progress, digital thievery and computer hacking, has sadly seen a soaring and widespread growth as well, targeting not only large corporations but also the individual technology user. This demographic is alarming and worrisome, as most of us have sensitive personal, confidential information as well as invaluable private data saved on our technological devices. Furthermore, any technology user’s digital footprint may inextricably link some of this sensitive data to their online presence. In the face of imminent electronic privacy and security issues KARLS TECHNOLOGY is dedicated to keeping our clients’ data protected against malicious scams and computer viruses.

Detecting and removing malware from a compromised system as well as recovering any ‘lost’ or encrypted data are just a few of the quality services Karls Technology Computer Repair has to offer! Call us with any questions or concerns, for superior advice on all things tech as well as for information on business IT consulting!

Let Karls Technology protect you from digital theft!


Smart and Safe Computer Work practices!

Karls Technology encourages you to Work Smart!
– Correct your work posture –> poor posture is at the root of many health issues including back & neck pains as well as chronic tension headaches
– Stretch frequently – Simple but effective stretching exercises for chest and shoulders. They help prevent imminent muscle aches and headaches as well as provide immediate relief for tension in your upper back and neck

Virus Removal – The dangerous ZeroAccess Virus!

There’s been a surge of the ZeroAccess Virus in the past year. This rootkit locks up your computer, takes full control of your system and downloads additional malware on to your compromised computer. Antivirus software will typically not be able to detect and/or remove this Virus.
Give KARLS TECHNOLOGY a call if your computer is locking up or if it is not allowing you to perform functions and tasks.

virus cartoon

Data Recovery

Backing up your data regularly is crucial in preventing catastrophic data loss. Preparation is the best defense… however, hard drive failure will happen sooner or later. What if you have not performed backups of your data and your hard drive crashes?

Computer Issues – Any suspicious activity on your computer?

Are you experiencing any of the following suspicious computer issues?
– Inexplicable changes to your homepage
– Redirection to unwanted and completely different sites than
– Incessant pop-up ads
– Your email address is sending out spam
– Webcam light is turning on by itself; unexpected sounds
played at random
– Appearance of a new browser toolbar; unwanted change of
default search engine
– Unexpected and sudden Start-up of programs; unknown
programs are installed automatically on your system
– Internet connectivity is slower than usual, computer “freezing”
If yes, then your computer may have been hijacked – Your computer may be under someone else’s control! A potential hijacker can monitor your PC, access your keystrokes and install unknown programs which, in turn, hog your system’s resources and slow down your PC!
KARLS TECHNOLOGY engineers Matt and Chris will CLEAN UP your system, keep you PROTECTED and give you crucial SAFE WEB BROWSING ADVICE!

Computer services – Smart and Safe Web Surfing Tips

1) UPDATE your antivirus software, your web browser and your
operating system REGULARLY
3) Be SUSPICIOUS of emails, instant messages, files, graphics
and links from unknown senders, as they could be
contaminated with malware. BEWARE, as some websites and
pop-ups can infect your system with malicious content, as
4) BACK UP – be sure to back up all the files that are of
importance and of personal value to you. Storing copies of all
your files will furthermore ensure that your data won’t be lost
in case your system crashes.
If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us!!!