Hackers Use Utility Tool to Access E-mails

Iranian government hackers have developed a new program that can retrieve email from Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. They were utilizing the tool against high-profile targets.

According to Google’s Threat Analysis Group, they obtained a replica of the tool, named HYPERSCAPE, and analyzed it to determine its lethality.

This tool allows hackers to request login information. When the exploit is in the victims’ system, it will cause the email provider to believe an old browser is being used, and hence display just the most fundamental HTML code.

Sources say it has only been spotted in Iran on a few of accounts and has been reported in an effort to curb its spread.

To make sure the email is real, it’s important to double-check the sender’s information. Also, the user shouldn’t click on any links unless they are sure they came from the company. You may also find grammar mistakes in the email, which is another sign that it is a phishing email.

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