System Restore on MacOS

Problems with your MacBook, such as sluggishness, freezing, or improper performance, may be easily discovered. However, if it doesn’t work either, a factory reset could be the last resort.

Erasing all your data and resetting your Mac to its original settings will also get rid of any viruses that may have been lurking in there. Your Mac’s essential files should be backed up with Time Machine or another trusted technique.

Access System Preferences through the Dock or the Apple menu to begin the process of resetting your Mac to factory settings. From System Preferences, click Erase All Content and Settings. Follow the instructions given to you to successfully wipe the boot disk.

If you erase the startup drive, your Mac will be reset to its original configuration and macOS will be reinstalled. You should also delete all of your data and preferences before selling or giving away your Mac. When you are ready to sell a device, make sure you use apps like Eraser or Permanent Eraser to delete any information that could be easily stolen. You can also search for apps in the App Store to find out what disk erasers are available.

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