Lockdown Mode Feature on Apple OS

Apple has been in the works to add additional security features to their operating systems.

The Lockdown Mode has been built into the newest versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, Ventura. Please note, this is only in beta testing, but will be available soon.

This security feature is provided as an option to provide consumers the option of protecting themselves from state-sponsored spyware invasions. The target users are well-known people who were expressly picked for this reason.

According to MacRumors, “Lockdown Mode is aimed at journalists, activists, government employees, and others who might be targeted by sophisticated cyberattacks. It is not for the everyday user, and it restricts many iPhone features. In Messages, for example, attachments other than images are blocked, and in FaceTime, calls from people you have not previously contacted are blocked.”

Users will have to turn on the Lockdown Mode option in Settings.app and then restart their devices in order to use it. This will make the OS’s defenses stronger and limit some of its functions, making it harder for cyberattackers to get in.

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