Windows 10 Expiration Scams Are a Thing

You may have received a warning pop-up.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is one of cyber hackers’ favorite OS to imitate. With a large number of users, the chance of someone falling for one of their scams is quite high. Many of the viruses look legit, as hackers tend to use brand logos.

Recently, some Windows 10 users have received pop-ups on their computers. These raise warnings, stating that their Windows 10 license is expiring and that they should address the issue by calling a toll-free number.

What should you do?

First off, Windows 10 licenses that are normally pre-loaded onto the computer itself, never expire. Second, Windows wouldn’t share a toll-free number for you to call to buy a new license. Third, check the spelling. Always check the spelling. The majority of scams or viruses include a variety of spelling errors.

Windows Phone Scams

In addition to this information, Windows phone scams have started to spread to take advantage of users. So if you have a Windows phone, keep an eye out. According to AZCentral:

The scammers are trying leverage the news of Windows 7’s upcoming end of life in January and hope consumers running Windows 10 get confused when they call pretending to be a concerned Microsoft support person offering to help.

The scam is designed to convince you that you need to purchase a license renewal so that your computer won’t stop working. If you get this call, just hang up on them or feel free to have some fun with them and waste their time.

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