Perks and Cons Browser Cookies and Cache

Computer browser cookies seem relevantly convenient due to maintaining things in your shopping carts. They also preserve your personal information so that websites can remember you and your interests. This gives quick and easy accessibility.

Cons of Cookies

While the perks may be favorable, these cookies reveal a lack of privacy. Many sites won’t allow you to browse them without accepting the cookies. This gives them an advantage to collect data from those who visit.

On top of that, some websites may have ill-intentions. The collection of cookies allows more access to information than intended on your part. Unfortunately, this could potentially increase the risk of malware.

Did you know it’s possible for cookies to slow down your computer? The files are stored on the hard drive. Once the drive’s limit is almost full, your computer may lag a bit.

How to clear

We wrote a blog post earlier this year about how to clear these from your browser history. Within specific time frames, you may now clear any history, data, or files you choose. Incognito mode, a private surfing option, is a handy tool for individuals who want to collect as little information as possible.

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