Similar ‘Hot Corners’ Feature Off the Table for Google

This past month, rumors flew around about Google working on a feature for the Chrome operating system, similar to MacOS’s ‘Hot Corners‘. This handy feature would allow work to move more fluidly, assigning your display corners for quicker access. According to Zac Hall from, he states:

Hot Corners turn each of the four corners of your display into actions. Just move your cursor to the designated corner, then an action that you assign to that corner is launched.

I rely on Hot Corners to both quickly access Notification Center and reveal my desktop for accessing recently saved files. There are keyboard shortcuts, buttons, and gestures for doing both of these tasks, but neither method is as fast or natural for me than a cursor movement.

Zac Hall –

However, this past Tuesday, it was shared that Google had decided to abandon the project, stating that they were “no longer moving forward with this project.”

I personally think this would have been a nice feature for Chrome OS. Who knows – maybe the project will be put back on the table in the future. Google has been known for mimicking other operating systems and adding similar features to their own OS.

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