Communication Safety Feature Expanded

After a few weeks of testing, Apple has finally made the most recent versions of its mobile operating systems, iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5, available to the general public as of today.

With this specific version, iOS 15.5, the Communication Safety in Messages feature is now accessible in the United Kingdom, along with Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, according to reports.

This application, which was once accessible to users in the United States, is called Communication Safety in Messages, and it was developed to identify instances of nudity in images sent or received over iMessage on children’s electronic devices.

If it finds any, it will let the user know that the images in question could contain potentially harmful content. If a kid receives an image that depicts any inappropriate adult content, the photograph will be altered, and the youngster will be given information from organizations that advocate for the protection of children.

If a kid sends a photo to another child that contains related content, the recipient will get a notification warning them that the child is not allowed to share the image again.

Back in March, we made a blog post about how one feature in particular had become into a contentious topic of debate in a variety of online discussion boards.

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