Child Safety Features Coming to iOS

Apple is currently working on a feature for iPhone, iPad, and Macs’ Message App. This particular one will solely focus on child safety. When receiving or sending inappropriate graphic photographs, it will alert youngsters and their parents.

When a child attempts to view a photo flagged as sensitive in the Messages app, they will be alerted that the photo may contain private body parts, and that the photo may be hurtful. Depending on the age of the child, there will also be an option for parents to receive a notification if their child proceeds to view the sensitive photo or if they choose to send a sexually explicit photo to another contact after being warned.

Source: MacRumors
Controversial Feature

While many users are happy about this extra step of protection, others are not. According to an Apple Privacy Letter, “On August 5th, 2021, Apple Inc. announced new technological measures meant to apply across virtually all of its devices under the umbrella of “Expanded Protections for Children”. While child exploitation is a serious problem, and while efforts to combat it are almost unquestionably well-intentioned, Apple’s proposal introduces a backdoor that threatens to undermine fundamental privacy protections for all users of Apple products.

It’s uncertain how much privacy is lost due to this upcoming child safety feature. The pros and cons seem to possibly go back and forth.

Helpful tip: When users ask Siri how they may report CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) or child exploitation, they will be directed to materials explaining where and how to submit a report.

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