Security Patch Sent to Wrong Windows 10 Version

Windows slipped up a little again this week. Microsoft released an update that included an improvement to Windows Autopilot devices. However it was sent to the wrong version.

According to Chris Merriman, an associate editor at the INQUIRER:

For anyone that doesn’t know, Autopilot is a system from the company’s InTune imprint, used to roll out Windows in a business environment. If you’re not in a business environment, and at the IT admin end, you’re usually never going to see it. In fact, according to the notes for the patch:

“Windows Autopilot update is not installed on Windows 10 Pro or a later version when the device is not registered or configured for Windows Autopilot deployment. Windows Autopilot update is never offered to Windows 10 Home.”

Thing is, it was. In fact, it was sent to Home devices and Pro devices that weren’t registered for Autopilot.

The issue has apparently been found and dealt with, but it is urged that you don’t install it unless it’s necessary – which it probably isn’t.

Microsoft Docs says this in regarding adding devices:

“Before deploying a device using Windows Autopilot, the device must be registered with the Windows Autopilot deployment service. Ideally, this would be performed by the OEM, reseller, or distributor from which the devices were purchased, but this can also be done by the organization by collecting the hardware identity and uploading it manually.

If an existing device is already running Windows 10 version 1703 or later and enrolled in an MDM service such an Intune, that MDM service can ask the device for the hardware ID (also known as a hardware hash). Once it has that, it can automatically register the device with Windows Autopilot.

For instructions on how to do this with Microsoft Intune, see Create an Autopilot deployment profile documentation describing the “Convert all targeted devices to Autopilot” setting.

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