Microsoft Edge 2nd Popular Browser

Despite the fact that Microsoft Edge is not a new browser, many Windows users are only now becoming aware of the most recent version. The Microsoft Edge web browser has a number of unexpectedly brilliant features that should put it in the running to be your primary internet browser.

With a market share of up to 10%, Microsoft Edge has surpassed as the second most popular desktop browser. Chrome is still the most popular browser, with 67 percent of the market, but Safari has slid to third place, just ahead of Mozilla’s Firefox browser. StatCounter provides the data for these stats.

According to WindowsLatest, “As per April 2022 market share report, Microsoft Edge has now crossed the 10% share in browser market. While Google Chrome lost its 0.65 share and its coverage dropped to 66.64%, Edge added 0.42 points and now has 10.07% share.”

It’s worth noting that numerous enhancements have been made to the Microsoft Edge browser in the last several months. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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