iOS 13.1.3 Update Fixes Bluetooth

On Monday, we posted about iOS 13.1.2 update causing major problems with Bluetooth. However, today Apple released a small update to fix not only Bluetooth, but a handful more of other issues including calls, iCloud, and more.

Source: Apple Support

Although this update seems to be going okay for some, many users are still having incoming call problems. One Twitter user tagged Apple Support in their post, writing, “I also Have Calls Droping Issue in My IPhone 8 Plus and the Cellular Data is Completely Low and not Working !” Apple Support replied with, “Thanks for following up. Does this happen with every call? Let’s go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode, wait five seconds, then turn it off. Does the issue persist? If so, let us know in DM.”

It seems that Apple is having one problem after another with iOS 13. Fingers crossed they can get this all sorted out as quickly as possible.

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