Downloads Are Taking Their Time

Are your downloading speeds tanking? This could be a handful of reasons. So let’s discuss.

First, check out what your speeds actually are. gives you accurate upload, download, and ping speeds. If speeds are lower than normal, try unplugging your router for around 30 seconds to a minute, then plug it back in.

Second, if that fails, contact your internet service provider and let them know of the issue. Techs can come out to your house and reset the connection. It’s also possible the router malfunctioned. They can replace it if you’re renting it from the provider, or will let you know you will have to replace it yourself.

Third, it’s possible the computers’ processing is faltering. HelloTech points out on their blog about cleaning the Windows Registry:

“In particular, the Windows registry can be corrupted or may contain many unnecessary files. The computer has to read all of these files before processing the actual download. This process can make everything move at a turtle’s pace. To fix this problem, you need to clean the Windows registry on a regular basis.”

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