COVID-19 Tracker Apps Available

Many people in the US are still concerned about the pandemic, especially since starting next month, nonessential businesses will begin to open back up. Federal and local governments are working to ensure transparency with the Coronavirus, along with large tech corporations.

Google and Apple are currently in the works for a Bluetooth-based app to trace COVID-19 exposures. And there are apps included in the iOS App Store for worldwide coronavirus exposure data. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or EFF, they are, “undertaking an unprecedented team effort to build a system for Androids and iPhones to interoperate in the name of technology-assisted COVID-19 contact tracing.”

Bing also brings a COVID-19 tracker to the Microsoft App Store. This app shares news about the coronavirus along with dependable information from your local Department of Health. It includes an overview of cases in multiple regions and shares Testing Centers in your local counties.

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