Computer Terminology To Know

When it comes to computers, it’s imperative to have a bit of knowledge of its terms and their meanings behind them. While there’s a plethora of hardware and software technology terms to fully comprehend computers as a whole, there are basic acronyms and words to help you better understand your computer. Here are a few:

URL, as we all know is simply a web address. But the acronym is known as Uniform Resource Locator. It can also be known as Universal Resource Locator.

SSH is known as Secure Shell. This protocol gives the administrator secure access and control over their servers over the internet. If unknown sources attempt to hack into the server, the code will jumble up to confuse the source.

ELI5 is an acronym in technology known as “Explain Like I’m 5”. It means to simplify certain complex topics.

BSOD, or Blue Screen of Death is an error that shows up on your monitor as a blue screen. This unfortunate error usually indicates your system has crashed.

IP Address is also known as Internet Protocol Address. This is a series of numbers which are identified to a local network or device. The identification connects to your online activities.

Cache/Cookies seem like intriguing terms for the computer world. They’re not harmful, but these files are created and saved by websites you visit. In addition, the websites can track visits. Thankfully, these cache/cookies can be cleared when certain issues ensue, such as pages not loading.

CPU is the Central Processing Unit that pertains to the memory and control of the computer. This hardware allows the user to utilize the programs and apps installed.

UI, or User Interface, can be applied to a visual display of a computer as a whole (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.). It can also mean apps and the internet and how users engage with those products and services.

VPN is also called Virtual Private Networking. This network allows users to acquire privacy while they’re online. It gives security and peace of mind when you are on a public Wi-Fi connection.

OS is known as the Operating System software. For example, Windows 10 and MacOS are both operating systems. The software connects with the hardware, keeping your PC working the best it can for you.

More terminology will be added throughout the year, so check back in!

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