Safety Tips for Online Shopping

Every year, thousands of online shoppers are scammed out of thousands of dollars. When shopping this holiday season, use these simple safety tips:

-Before making a purchase, check out the company’s website and social media pages.

-Check the URL of each website to make sure it is genuine and safe. In order to make a secure purchase from a website, the URL must begin with “HTTPS.”

Unfortunately, online criminals often use Facebook to sell items. Make certain the individual you’re working with is who they claim they are before you conduct business with them. Before making a purchase on an online marketplace or auction site, make sure to check the site’s feedback rating.

In countries where such agreements are prohibited, it is best to avoid sellers who claim to be authorized dealers or agents of the manufacturer. Also, watch out for vendors who publish an auction or ad, but when you inquire about the item, respond with something similar to, “I’m out of town.”

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