Bugs in Windows 10 Cause Connection Issues

There has been confirmation with Microsoft that there are a couple bugs in Windows 10.

Many of the users have shared problems with internet connection when attempting to use the Microsoft App Store and Spotify. Others have said that the VPN might be the culprit in all this, but it is unclear.

There have been resolutions in place, however. WindowsLatest stated on their blog, “In the changelog of Windows 10 KB4580364, Microsoft confirmed that it has resolved an issue with certain virtual private network (VPN) connections where an authentication dialog box incorrectly prompts for credentials and network disruption is observed.”

Despite these bugs, Microsoft has acknowledged them and are currently working on the fixes. It is unsure as to when the issues will be mended, however.

Bugs happen all the time in Windows 10, and they’re all quite nuisances. If you would like to report a bug, go to the Feedback Hub in the Start menu.

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