Windows PC Warning – Attack Risk

Your Windows PC may be susceptible to an attack by hackers. If your PC Intel processor was made after 2012 and you haven’t updated your system, any personal information may be compromised. The attack can maneuver around security that is used to protect from Spectre and Meltdown exploits.

There was a July Patch this past Tuesday to fix the bug, and Windows and Intel are urging users to update their computers.

ZDNet blogs, “The bug has been called SWAPGSAttack because it exploits SWAPGS, an instruction for x86/x64 CPUs that switches the system to start addressing the protected memory set aside for operating system kernels. Attackers taking advantage of SWAPGSAttack [CVE-2019-1125] could use it to secretly monitor and steal sensitive information from a targeted machine – all without leaving a trace of an attack against the hardware.”

This bug was eventually found by BitDefender and shared their information to help fix the Tuesday’s Patch.

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