Windows 11 22H2 Update

The most recent version of Windows 11, codenamed 22H2 or Windows 11 version 2022, is a small improvement over prior editions.

According to reports, Windows 10 is the most popular desktop operating system. When Windows 11 was introduced last year, some Windows 10 customers upgraded. Some did, but the great majority did not. However, many people did not upgrade to Windows 11 since it was insufficiently stable for their purposes.

Windows 11’s taskbar, for example, lacks key personalization tools included in Windows 10. Drag-and-drop functionality has been restored in Windows 11 version 22H2, and chat programs now have a separate mute button.

There isn’t much information about the new update’s features and functioning. Microsoft has not shown the final version of Windows 11 22H2 yet.

Thankfully, you won’t have to upgrade from Windows 10, as the operating system will be maintained until 2025.

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