Wifi is slow, but why?

With the amount of wi-fi gadgets in our homes, even the tiniest imperfections can have an affect on its performance. There could be a number of hindering culprits.

Here are a few ideas:

Did you know that WIFI speeds are affected by solid objects? Placing your Router in an open area can help the fluidity of speed to your devices.

In addition to computers, phones, and tablets, you’ll also find smart TVs, game consoles, media streaming sticks, smart home hubs connected to WIFI. Get rid of those that are not necessarily needed to boost your speed.

Often times, it’s as simple as unplugging/disconnecting your router from the wall for about 30 seconds. This allows it to readjust and reset.

Other cases involve a bad router. When the connection is bad and speeds have dropped, replacing your router could be the best solution to this problem.

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