Why is your MacBook’s Fans Running?

If you have a MacBook, you will want to read up on this.

Fun Fact: A MacBook Pro fan should always be available. It should not, however, be too loud or operate at a high pace all of the time. If it is at maximum RPM (typically about 6000 on a Macbook Pro), this suggests that there is software on your Mac that is straining the CPU or GPU.

Here are a few ways you can remedy this situation:

-Reboot your MacBook. If the fan is always spinning at full power, try restarting it.

-Remove Flash in your browser. Flash is currently disabled by default in Firefox. Flashcontrol is a Chrome extension that allows you to deactivate Flash instances (it still allows you to view Flash on a per-site basis as needed). This is one of the most common sources of CPU/GPU stress, and it will undoubtedly boost the fan speed because Flash is so demanding on hardware.

-Clear your browser history, and if you have multiple tabs open, close them.

Launch Activity Monitor to check which programs are consuming the most CPU power. You can also check which applications are consuming the most energy. Certain apps tend to cause the fans to speed up since the temperature of your CPU/GPU rises when you use them.

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