Why is Your Computer Overheating?

An overheating computer has the potential of permanent damage to its hardware. With its structured processing power, laptops and PC’s risk loss of cooling from its fans and other hardware. Here are a few ways to remedy this issue:


Dust can act more as insulation when covering the fan or clogging the vents. Blocking the ventilation airflow throughout can contribute to overheating the CPU. To relieve the dust buildup, open up the computer case and carefully clean it off.

Where its at

Did you know that the location of your laptop or PC matters when it comes to keeping it cool? Keep it away from direct sunlight and overly warm rooms. You can also invest in a cooling pad or fan stand.


When you start up your computer, you normally hear the fan turning on. If you don’t hear anything, this may be an indication the fans may be shot. Overheating can cause components to melt and crash your entire computer. Your local repair shop, such as Karls Technology, can troubleshoot and give you a proper diagnosis. Overheating can cause components to melt and crash your entire computer.

What types of Computer Repair Services does Karls Technology perform?

We provide services to businesses and clients in their homes, including:

  • Diagnose / repair hardware or software problems
  • Spyware, malware, trojan and virus removal
  • Setup wireless and small business networks
  • Laptop repair, PC repair and Apple repair
  • Hard drive data recovery

For help with diagnosing an overheating computer, call us at 1-800-620-5285.  Karls Technology is a nationwide computer service company with offices in many major cities. This blog post was brought to you from our staff at the Denver Computer Repair Service, if you need computer repair in Denver, CO please call or text the local office at (720) 441-6460.

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