Digital Theft is a Huge Deal

New and exciting pieces of digital gear and programs are being generated at a dizzying rate in today’s period of astonishing technological growth, and as a result, our environment is in a constant state of flux.

Whether it’s the newest smartphone, the tiniest and quickest laptop/tablet, or the most advanced and efficient storage component (SSD vs. HHD), technological innovations have revolutionized our daily lives.

The size, weight, and intelligence of our various electronic aids are always improving, and their use and capacity are being mined for ever-greater gains. Despite all the good that has come from our modern age of great technological progress, digital theft and computer hacking have sadly been on the rise and have spread widely, impacting not just large corporations but also the average technology user.

This population structure raises security concerns since virtually all of us keep hidden or financially important private information on our mobile devices. In addition, a user’s online activities can be traced back to them via their “digital footprint,” making some of their private information public.

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