Sharing a WiFi Password Through iPhones

iPhones include a handy feature that will allow you to share WiFi passwords to other iPhones. Although the execution is simplistic enough, there is a checklist:

First off, when using two iPhones to share a WiFi password, ensure sure they are both within range of each other. It’s also recommended that you make sure that your WiFi and Bluetooth are turned on and that your Apple ID is set up to allow you to share passwords with other people. You can do this by checking the toggles in the Settings app.

Both owners’ Apple IDs need to be in the other’s Contacts. Unless both of your Apple accounts are included in your contact list, shared files will not be available.

One iPhone has to be connected to the WiFi, while the other is trying to connect. Tap the Password Sharing button when a message pops up, requesting to provide the password.

The WiFi network’s password will be copied to the other phone and automatically filled in so that you may join the network.

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