Routers Can Be Hacked, Also!

Many internet users are aware of the dangers posed by hackers to those who aren’t prepared for them. Your router, a crucial component of your home Wi-Fi network, is also a target for hackers looking to profit from your connection.

Once a third party has gained access to your router, they are in a position to steal your personal information, seep malware in, and even possibly redirect your internet traffic.

If you’re concerned that someone may have gained unauthorized access to your network, here are a couple of simple techniques to fix a compromised router:

You can potentially stop malware from spreading on your network and speed up the process of identifying any infected devices by resetting your router. Start by pressing and holding the reset button on the router until it powers down. When it’s back online, you’ll need to fine-tune your network’s configuration settings.

Be aware that not all routers are created equal; not all router types will automatically update firmware in the same manner that PC software does. Every three months, or whenever updates become available, you should update to the newest available firmware version.

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