Clearing Cache on the Safari Browser

When you connect your laptop to the internet, it will immediately begin to download and save your browser history. This will save you time on subsequent visits to the website.

When you do this, your device will not be required to repeatedly download the same data whenever you return to the same page. A cache has the capability of storing a variety of different forms of media, including videos, photos, and more. The information that is cached helps the pages of a website load more quickly when you return to the site. If your laptop keeps too many data in its cache, unfortunately, your web browsing experience may become more sluggish.

Clearing cache should be carried out on a regular basis in order to clear out any data that has been saved by the website and to carry out any necessary maintenance.

Double-clicking the Safari menu on the browser’s drop-down menu bar provides access to the preferences for the Safari web browser.

Next, choose the Advanced menu option from the drop-down list. Mark the box in the menu bar to make the Develop menu visible, and then leave the Preferences page. You should concentrate on the menu bar and then go back to it. Choose Develop > Clear Cache from the drop-down menu on the main menu.

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