What Are Computer Cookies?

Computer cookies, simply put, is stored data on internet browsers. When users surf the web, each site visited sends cookie files back to their browser.

This could end up being a good thing, or a nuisance.

For example, cookies store information, such as login credentials to user accounts. This can be quite the perk, considering another login won’t have to be remembered. However, if the user delete the cookies, it will erase any files or data connecting to all websites visited.

What’s the Reasoning Behind Cookies?

Companies use cookies on their website to gather a variety of information. Norton, a cyber-security company, includes a Privacy and Cookie Policy on their site, which says:

“We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve the efficiency of the navigation, perform analytics, serve more relevant advertising content to you and measure advertising performance, provide social media features, remember website preferences, and generally improve the user experience. By clicking on “Yes I agree”, you consent to these cookies. For more information on cookies, including how to manage your consent, please click on “Settings” to access our Cookie tool.”

Source: Norton Website

While for the most part, cookie files are innocent, users may not want their privacy compromised on their computer. Browsing patterns can be detected due to the cookies. Thankfully, websites usually request permission to use cookies, and you can deny it.

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