New Tool Removes Unwanted Apps

When Windows 10 installs on PCs, it includes multiple pre-installed apps. These apps cannot be uninstalled – that is until now.

A third-party app called Bloatbox gives users the option of removing those unwanted apps. At first, this app started off as a small addition to the app Spydish. Then it became its own separate app.

According to the Bloatbox repository, the developer Belim states, “Since I didn’t want to bloat Spydish unnecessarily (those who know me know that I am a friend of small apps and lean code), I have now made this available as a standalone app. With the upcoming Spydish release it can be started from within Spydish.”

Some of the apps on Windows 10 that are normally pre-installed are the Your Phone app, Maps, and Photos. These apps don’t take up too much space on the hard drive, so uninstalling them won’t make much of a difference. However, if desired, use Bloatbox.

With all that said, there is a possibility that removing apps that cannot be uninstalled could lead to computer troubles. Be sure to research all options beforehand.

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