Microsoft Paint Upgrade

Microsoft Paint is one of the most popular programs of Windows. And though while back in 2017 it was announced that Paint was getting removed, Microsoft reverted back to keeping it. Users were incredibly happy with the news.

In April, Microsoft announced their depletion of the deprecation warning message each time you run the application. On May 14th, MSPaint announced new features to its’ program in the Windows 10 update.

Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager, wrote a post on behalf of the MSPaint team. He writes, “We’ve introduced the keyboard as a primary input mechanism. Microsoft Paint is already fully functional with mouse and multi-touch tablet input, but customers will now be able to use the app and draw with only their keyboard.”

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Brandon added, “Along with full keyboard input support, we’ve made improvements to the way Paint interacts with Screen Readers, like Windows Narrator, which some users might find improves their overall experience with the app.”

So not only did they NOT get rid of Paint, they gave it a bit of an enhancement. Oh, happy day!

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