Maintain Your Laptops’ Battery Life

A standard laptop battery lasts about 2-4 years brand new, or around 1,000 charges depending on a handful of components. And not to mention, they can be a bit expensive, ranging in the $100-$150 range.

With advanced software and more powerful batteries, your laptop can, and will, last longer. Educating yourself on these basic tips can help extend the life of your PC battery and keep money in your pocket.

-When you don’t need the internet or any other wireless connections, turn on Airplane Mode.

-Don’t overcharge your laptop. Keep the charge between 20 and 80% if using lithium-ion batteries. Unplug your laptop when it’s fully charged.

-Turn off what you are not currently using, including Bluetooth and other apps that may still be open in your background.

-Try out Microsoft Edge. It supports 1080p resolution and was made to be faster and saves your battery life. According to the Microsoft website, “Tests show that when browsing with Microsoft Edge, your battery lasts 36-53% longer per charge” than other browsers.

-Dim your screen by clicking Start and going to Settings, then Display. Under Brightness and Color, slide the brightness to dim it down a bit.

-Check your Battery Overview in the Settings tab as well to see which apps are affecting the life of your battery. You can also turn your Battery Saver on when the battery hits a certain percentage.

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