Hackers Believe to Steal Ad Revenue on iOS

It’s no known secret that hackers are finding any way possible to insert malicious code to invade privacy and steal important information from potential victims. Synk, a software security business, shared a Chinese mobile ad vulnerability in iOS, implicating they were committing fraud through ads. They stated the following:

“We have identified that mintegral iOS SDK versions 5.5.1 and above contain malicious functionality which leads to information leakage. In simple terms the SDK is spying on user link clicking, and network activity within the affected apps. The spying occurs even if the SDK was not enabled by the developer or the ad mediation platform.”

Source: Synk Press Kit

The statements show that SDK makes iOS think that a different ad is being clicked on, therefore the ad revenue is being sent elsewhere instead of the actual business of the ad. The Chinese mobile ad, called Mintegral has stated it has been cooperating with Apple, while maintaining their innocence in the attack to steal information and ad revenue.

This vicious intended code seems to only have been seen on iOS and not on Android just yet. The first code was seen over a year ago, in July 2019.

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