Firefox Browser got Quite the Update for Android

Available today in Europe, and available in the U.S. on the 27th, Mozilla announced an upgraded Firefox Android browser. Called the Firefox Daylight, because it begins a fresh new start for Android users, Mozilla wanted to deliver a better experience within the browser.

According to CNet, few parts of the Firefox browser improvements include:

  • “Daylight opens web pages about 10% faster than the previous version. It’s also more responsive when you’re scrolling or tapping.
  • It has new privacy muscle in the form of Mozilla’s Enhanced Tracking Protection, designed to block advertisers and publishers from logging your online behavior.
  • The new version features Tab collections that lets you organize sets of tabs into a named group that you can open in bulk later.
  • Daylight adds Mozilla’s list of recommended extensions, which are add-ons that let you customize the browser, making it easier to find ones that are safe and useful.”

Other features include a light and dark theme option, so users can use what works best for them.


Google’s mobile engine is named Blink, while Mozilla’s engine is called GeckoView. This gives Mozilla an advantage, should there be any security problems with Blink. Thankfully, Firefox Daylight will not be affected in the least.

This whole update was a huge effort to increase user numbers. In 2017, Mozilla released Firefox Quantum. However, their numbers decreased from 250 million to 208 million since, losing users to Google Chrome. Here’s to hoping this new mobile browser helps.

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