When Is Windows 11 Releasing?

Microsoft will finally deliver Windows 11 to supported PCs on October 5th, after its announcement late in June this year.

If you plan to grab this revamped update, check your computer. The next OS will only be supported if it has the appropriate compatible hardware.

Microsoft’s stance on Windows 11 requirements remains unchanged. They said unequivocally that the new operating system will only be available for compatible devices. Unfortunately, an incompatible operating system may raise the chance of BSOD (black screen of death) or other technical problems.

Source: Windows Blog

“Since the Insider build was released, there’s been many more updates for the dev channel, where it brings back the search bar to the start menu, more refinements to the new design across the menus, alongside better multi-monitor support for the taskbar, alongside many fixes.”

Source: TechRadar

This upcoming update will be available as a free upgrade to existing Windows users. To download, install, and activate Home editions, you must be connected to the internet. Also, you must have a Microsoft account when installing or updating your PC or tablet.

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