Warning for iOS 15.4

Apple released its iOS 15.4 update to its iPhone users. Unfortunately, this update came with a plethora of security issues.

It was stated that Apple has worked on fixing the 39 known security problems. Some of the issues included WebKit, which assists the Safari browser.

Forbes states on their website, “Even so, many of the issues fixed in iOS 15.4 are serious, which means you should update your iPhone now if possible. There are vulnerabilities that allow for Kernel level access, which is “about as bad as it gets,” says independent security researcher Sean Wright.”

Several of the flaws that Apple has recently addressed, such as the single but critical weakness repaired in iOS 15.3.1, were resolved after they had been exploited to attack iPhones. None of the vulnerabilities resolved in iOS 15.4 are currently being actively exploited, as noted in the Apple support page.

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