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Windows Notepad Getting Upgraded?

Microsoft announced yesterday the Insider Preview Build 18963 for Windows 10 to the Windows Insiders Program.

First, If you are part of the Windows Insiders Program, you can update your computer before anyone else does – great for future reference. If you’d like to sign up, you can register here, accept the terms and you’ll receive a Welcome E-mail. Be sure to read the Important Notice before agreeing to join, as it adds a variety of risks to your computer.

Okay, now back to the upcoming build for 20H1…

According to Microsoft, this build is testing features like renaming your virtual desktops, which assists you in multitasking. And Windows Notepad, which has been around since 1985, has gotten a few small upgrades to it. But something a bit bigger is coming.

Dona Sarkar and Brandon LeBlanc write, “Over the last few releases, we’ve been making a number of small improvements to Notepad based on your feedback (including expanded line ending supportwrap around search, and indicating when there’s unsaved content.) Starting with this build, we’re making a change so that future Notepad updates will be automatically available via the store.”

So Notepad updates will be accessible through the Microsoft Store so that any bug fixes can be made throughout the year. I also heard that you will be able to uninstall Notepad, which I think is a crime against humanity. But I digress.

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