Notepad and Paint can be Uninstalled

With Windows 10 operating systems, Notepad and Paint were on the list of mandatory apps available on the PC. And with that came the impossibility of them being uninstalled. However, Microsoft is quickly changing that.

Windows 10 Insider Build 19551 includes an abundance of improvements, fixes and more. Future builds will be bring optional installations to both Notepad and Paint, among other apps, like Wordpad. Though they may be smaller MB in size than other apps – 6.58 MB for Paint and 6.24 MB for Wordpad – however, every bit of free space counts.

The Microsoft announced back in 2017 that Microsoft Paint (MS Paint) was going to be deprecated and removed in their next Creators Update. However last year, they announced that they reverted back to keeping it and added new features to the popular app.

This ‘optional’ feature is hoping to give Windows 10 users a little more control over what they have on their PC.

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