Lock Your Computer with this Shortcut

Locking your computer is an absolute must while you are not using it. If someone gains access to your computer, they may steal information, use your identity, and access your online accounts without your knowledge or consent.

Since you won’t be closing out of any open programs, locking your computer is the quickest and easiest way to prevent unauthorized usage. Getting back to where you left off just requires entering your password. Obviously, it’s important not to give that information out.

Also, according to DuGood, mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, should always be locked while not in use. Complaints from customers indicate that 3.1 million electronic devices were stolen in 2013 and 1.4 million were lost. The numbers point to a steadily increasing rate of loss and theft over time. Attackers may get access to sensitive information if these devices are left open.

Here’s how to lock your computer

You may lock your computer with a single keystroke on any Windows device by hitting the Windows logo key plus L. On macOS, use Command Option Power to log out. Just hitting Command + Control + Q locks the screen on the newest version of macOS (High Sierra).

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