iPad Repair Tips That Might Help Save Money

Determining if your iPad needs repaired or just a bit of troubleshooting can be a pain. This can be especially true when the consumer doesn’t comprehend the complexity of these devices. On top of that, iPad repairs can be costly. For instance, when your iPad isn’t charging, it may raise some concerns. Try out these tips first to see if it fixes the issues before taking it to a repair shop.

Utilizing While Charging

It’s possible that if you frequently use your iPad while it’s charging, this could be the root cause of your battery drain issues. You may be able to fix the problem by turning off the tablet before plugging it in to charge.

Clogged Charging Port

An iPad’s charging port can become clogged with dust, lint, or other material. Check the charging port with a flashlight to see if there is anything inside. If you see any debris, blow it away with compressed air or an anti-static brush.

Charging Cables

3rd party cables, though cheaper than original Apple brand cables, have the potential of causing issues. It’s recommended to only use Apple charging cables only.

How to use your iPad as a second monitor

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