High CPU Usage Causing Slower PC

A number of factors could result in your PC running slower than usual. It could possibly be low on memory, too many programs opened, or even malware.

Just recently, the Microsoft Feedback Hub was filled with complaints about their PC’s high CPU (central processing unit) usage after updating the OS with Windows 10 patches. Thankfully, the latest patch remedied this particular issue.

“The tech site says that patch KB5001391 has cured this spiking processor usage problem, at least according to reports from some users, although little detail has been provided about what this bug actually was (save for being a ‘race condition’ where two running processes start grabbing an inordinate amount of system resources, slowing everything else down).”

Source: TechRadar

If you are having this same issue with your PC, simply head over to the ‘Check for Updates’ section of the Windows Update in the Settings app. The optional KB5001391 will show up under the “View optional updates” link.

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