Disk Cleanup, Recycle Bin, and Clear Browsing Data

A computer’s advanced age can be determined by the amount of redundant information stored on its hard drive.

It’s possible that old, unused software and files are taking up more space on your hard drive than you know. A lot of unnecessary data, such as old applications and files, will probably be stored on your computer. Over time, these distractions can add up to a serious drain on productivity. You may find your computer lagging or freezing more often than not.

Here are a few ways you can remove unnecessary files and data on your computer:

  • Run Disk Cleanup for Windows: Go to the Start Menu and search for “Disk Cleanup.”
  • Empty Recycle Bin: Right-click the Recycle Bin and choose “Empty Bin” from the list.
  • Clear browsing data: For example, Chrome’s data can be erased by clicking the three dots in the top right and then choosing More tools > Clear browsing data.

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