Disable Bing Search with Windows Update

There’s a new Windows 10 update available, which allows users the ability to disable Bing Search.

Bing is owned by Microsoft, and was the rebrand of Live Search in 2009. It’s one of the highest search engines worldwide. By disabling it, however, therein lies a perk.

According to Tech Radar, “While the feature provides quick access to a search engine, disabling Bing (and thereby eliminating web pages from the search results) can improve the speed and quality of local searches dramatically – so it’s an important option to have.”

To disable Bing, users will have to the Registry Editor. And while it may improve speed, there’s a possibility that it could add high CPU usage. This, in turn, could destroy the CPU. It’s important to remember that utilizing the Registery Editor is quite risky. Creating a registry backup is highly encouraged to ensure the best way to undo any issues.

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