Warning to Those Using Windows 7

If you are a Windows 7 user still, you need to hear this.

Apparently, there’s an e-mail scam going around, stating a free Windows 10 upgrade. These e-mails too often look legit, as they utilize the same logos and signatures. They include a handful of links for the user to click, claiming when you put in your e-mail and password, you’ll be given a free upgrade.

According to Tom’s Guide, “Cofense says that once you input your credentials, the scam site bounces you to a real Microsoft page informing you that, yes indeed, “Support for Windows 7 has ended.” (It ended in January 2020.)”

These e-mail scams are created by hackers to sneak into your credentials to steal any and all personal information.

photo source: Cofense

While there are ways of getting a free Windows 10 upgrade, Microsoft will not e-mail you links randomly. Always check the Sender e-mail by clicking on the name. Also, don’t click on links sent by people you do not know.

When in doubt, throw it out.

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