Why is your Monitor Not Connecting to the Computer?

A vexing ‘No Signal to Monitor’ message appears on the monitor. This is quite aggravating, and it’s one of the more technically challenging issues to resolve.

How do you effectively solve the problem if you don’t have a display?

If your monitor isn’t working properly, there are a few things you should look into to figure out what’s causing the problem. Some video issues can be traced back to the video card, video driver, or a misconfigured display.

If you have an older computer, issues could arise. Video cards, like any other computer component, can become overheated or obsolete with time. You may only need to acquire a new video card that is more up to date in order for it to operate properly with your new display.

Make certain that the display and computer cords are both in good working order. Examine the monitor’s power cable and confirm that the outlet from which it draws power is also delivering power to other appliances or gadgets. Try another electrical outlet or test the one you’re using by plugging in another device.

For more information on how to fix these issues, Microsoft shares a few troubleshooting tips.

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