What it Means When Your Computer Freezes

If your computer freezes, it could be a software or a hardware problem.

When devices are frozen, it means the windows on the screen have stopped responding. Everything has become at a stand-still. This can be quite frustrating to users, especially when working remotely or finishing up daily online schooling.

The easiest remedy comes as simply restarting your computer. Sometimes, that may not help. Here are a few reasons why your PC freezes up:

Software Issues

Updating any and all software is crucial to keeping your PC running smoothly. If your operating system is out-of-date, this could cause frozen windows. Make certain all applications are legitimate. Any malware can also hinder its performance.

Your Windows OS, or any other operating system you have installed, may be corrupted. If that’s the case, uninstall them, and re-install. We wrote a blog post recently about an unsupported Windows 11 OS that could spell disaster if downloaded and installed.

“With their exciting news, rumors have spread to allow users to download the unfinished, not-yet-announced Windows 11. The build leaked overseas, and Microsoft has expressed to users not to do so. On top of that, hackers have been busy taking advantage of this opportunity.”

Hardware Issues

Defective hardware can create malfunctions to the performance. Overheating can potentially disturb the quality of a PC. Fans are designed to keep them cool. All devices require ease of airflow to keep the fans running properly.

Also, any recent installations of components need to be considered a likely culprit. Try removing them to see if that’s the issue.

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