What is a Zero-Day Hack?

A faulty security patch released earlier this month exposed every version of Windows to a zero-day exploit.

Because it has happened again, millions of Windows users must be on high alert once more. Now, what is a zero-day exploit, you may ask?

A Zero-Day exploit allows an unknown malware in software or hardware and can cause complex issues long before anybody notices anything is amiss.

Microsoft thought it had successfully patched the vulnerability in November, but the exploit allowed the virus to escalate privileges, allowing it to take control of a PC and extend its assaults throughout the user’s network.

“We are aware of the disclosure and will do what is necessary to keep our customers safe and protected. An attacker using the methods described must already have access and the ability to run code on a target victim’s machine,” a Microsoft spokesperson told BleepingComputer when asked for more details regarding this vulnerability.

Source: Bleeping Computer

Microsoft users must stay vigilant when utilizing their Windows operating systems. Be sure to keep your computer up to date through the “Check for updates” in the System Settings app.

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