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Video Resolutions are being Reduced

Yes, you heard that right!

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, video resolutions are being reduced worldwide – with YouTube being one of them.

According to a LinusTechTips forum member, “YouTube streaming has surged due to people being under quarantine during this pandemic. Google is well equipped to handle YouTube streaming strain in the past, But the current problem is the consistency at which contents needs to be provided.”

source: animoto.com

It is said that YouTube as surpassed Netflix, the first time ever, streaming twice the amount of videos during this pandemic. This has made Youtube cut back the video resolution down to 480p to lessen the constraint on the internet infrastructure. This is a 30 day period during the month of April. Because this is a global crisis, YouTube believes that even if we don’t think that we won’t run out of bandwidth, this is a government level issue and precautions need to be in place.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple+ have all reduced their bitrate or resolution during these difficult times. This gives users to still have the ability to stream videos.

This seems to be a bad time for those who have gone completely digital nowadays. DVD’s may be making a temporary comeback.

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