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Different Antivirus Scans on Windows 10

The Microsoft Defender Antivirus software, included with Windows 10, protects your machine and data from practically all types of malware and hackers.

To access Windows Security, simply type in “Virus and threat protection” in the search bar next to the Start menu. From there, it will give you the current status of the scans, along with different levels of scans.

Quick scans seem to be used the most, as they only take a few seconds and scan for common attacks in certain folders. If Microsoft Defender discovers a vulnerability during a quick or full scan, it’s recommended to select “Microsoft Defender Offline Scan” on the Scan Options page and execute it right away.

The four different scans are below:

Microsoft Defender isn’t just for Windows 10, however. What’s also great is that the software giant has continued to build services for both Android and Apple’s Mac computers. The Microsoft Store now features what appears to be a Windows Defender preview for both Android and iOS.

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The Difference Between Adware and Spyware

Throughout the world of technology, many different types of software flourish. Some are safe and secure, while others tend to cause a ruckus to your PC. No one wants that. Unfortunately, cyber hacking is very much apparent in software and has the ability to be quite secretive. Two kinds of these kinds of software are Adware and Spyware.

What is Adware?

Adware, simply put, is advertising-supported software. Malwarebytes says, “Some security professionals view it as the forerunner of the modern-day PUP (potentially unwanted program).”

It is generally a tricky method of claiming its legitimacy so you will download its content. And when you do, unwanted pop-up advertisements will occur while you’re on the internet. It’s aggravating and annoying, to say the least. However, they’re less malicious than the Spyware. Adware can exist on both PC and mobile.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is mostly described as a malicious kind of software that is intended to find personal information. And it doesn’t stop there. This also allows the hacker to track browsing and reveal any kind of login credentials. Sometimes, they’re able to review in the information and report it back to their own software, or a third-party, without the user’s knowledge or consent.

What do I do if my computer is infected?

It’s very important for your computer to have the latest update to ensure the best security and safety. The operating systems include enhanced anti-virus software, which can be ran through your Security Settings.

Windows 10, for example, involves a Virus & threat protection that automatically does a quick scan throughout the day, every day. You can also opt-in for a Full scan, a Custom scan, or a Microsoft Defender Offline scan.

Many anti-virus software options are free. Researching can help you find the best one suited for your PC.

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Ransomware Hackers Hits Thousands of Victims

Cyber Researchers shared that the ransomware institution, REvil, has demanded a $70 million charge in Bitcoin for a decryptor device following its assault at the software program seller Kaseya.

This virus might enter a ADP (automatic data processing) system through malicious downloads, email attachments and package update pop-ups. Once a system is infected, the virus restricts access to the pc. Hackers distribute this virus with the purpose of scaring their victims into paying money.

According to CNN, “Kaseya said it would release new information Monday morning, but has yet to do so. In Sunday night’s update, it reported that the attack “has been localized to a very small number of on-premises customers only.””

UPDATE 7/7/2021

It was shared from Malwarebytes that the hackers mimicked a Microsoft security update, shown below:

How to protect yourself

Be sure your antivirus software is up to date on your computer to avoid any and all malicious cyber attacks. Windows 10 adds Ransomware protection to its operating system.

In the Settings app, you’ll find a plethora of protection settings, including Firewall & network protection. You’ll also notice Virus & threat protection, which easily scans your device to search for any possible attacks.

Source: Gilbert Computer Repair Service

If you scroll to the underside of the Virus & threat protection, Ransomware protection is included. To show on this handy feature, simply click on Manage ransomware protection. From there, you’ll be able to turn the toggle On to secure your data on your computer. Recovering files becomes an additional option just incase a threat occurs.

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Emotet Malware is Back

The infamous Emotet malware has caused trouble again, according to researcher sources.

Back in 2014, Emotet was founded as a banking trojan, deciding on third party malware after using their own. This produced a handful of malicious spamming and stealing personal information.

Tech Radar states on their blog, “In May of last year, Proofpoint researchers observed Emotet delivering third-party payloads including Qbot, The Trick, IcedID and Gootkit. The malware also now loads modules for spamming, credential stealing, email harvesting and spreading via local networks.”

Last week, researchers found an astounding 250,000 e-mails sent out by Emotet after 5 months of inactivity. These e-mails include links with Microsoft Word and will download and install malware to the computer. In turn, hackers can receive any and all data they want.

Companies are the biggest target for Emotet, and come with a hefty problem if not combated with anti-virus software. It’s always best to remember not to open e-mails or attachments that are unknown to the user.

*Update 7/21 – A new scam for a Google Chrome update is circulating around the world, zoning in on multiple organizations. These e-mail scams will download malware if the links are clicked on. Keep an eye out.

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Anti-Virus Software Shut Down After Selling Data

The Anti-Virus Software company, Avast announced they are immediately terminating their Jumpshot operations. The reasoning behind it is due to the reveal of the company’s subsidary collecting and selling their browsing data to advertisers.

According to Vice, it explains that the, “Avast antivirus program installed on a person’s computer collects data, and that Jumpshot repackages it into various different products that are then sold to many of the largest companies in the world. Some past, present, and potential clients include Google, Yelp, Microsoft, McKinsey, Pepsi, Home Depot, Condé Nast, Intuit, and many others. Some clients paid millions of dollars for products that include a so-called “All Clicks Feed,” which can track user behavior, clicks, and movement across websites in highly precise detail.”

Protecting people is Avast’s top priority and must be embedded in everything we do in our business and in our products. Anything to the contrary is unacceptable.

For these reasons, I – together with our board of directors – have decided to terminate the Jumpshot data collection and wind down Jumpshot’s operations, with immediate effect.

Ondrej Vlcek, Avast CEO

Unfortunately, due to the nature and quick decision by the CEO, it was stated that hundreds of people who worked under Jumpshot will be out of the job, along with dozens of customers no longer receiving the service.

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