Problems with Computer caused by Surfing the Web?

While surfing the Web your computer/smartphone/tablet is constantly downloading files, graphics and sometimes other software, thereby enabling you to use the web to its full capacity. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be aware of both your privacy and your security when browsing the Internet. Each and every digital device that is connected to the Internet can potentially fall victim to intrusive spyware (adware & malware) and phishing. Malicious software can be surreptitiously installed on any computer without the owner’s knowledge. Unfortunately, there are plenty of Spyware traps lurking on the Internet.  Open a seemingly harmless web page, follow a deceptive hyperlink, a pop-up or a clickable graphic and with just one click you may have unknowingly opened the door for spyware-laden websites that threaten to compromise your web safety and privacy. While adware at its worst can slow down and eventually freeze your system due to the clutter it has accumulated on your computer, malware and viruses can lead you down a more dangerous path. They can take control of your device and perform malicious activities on your computer such as changing settings, harvesting personal data, recording keystrokes to seize passwords and other sensitive information, stealing files and spreading the virus to your email contacts in the form of spam.

Your first line of defense:


1)      UPDATE your antivirus software, your web browser and your operating system REGULARLY


3)      Be SUSPICIOUS of emails, instant messages, files, graphics and links from unknown senders, as they could be contaminated with malware. BEWARE, as some websites and pop-ups can infect your system with malicious content, as well.

4)      BACK UP – be sure to back up all the files that are of importance and of personal value to you. Storing copies of all your files will furthermore ensure that your data won’t be lost in case your system crashes.

 Your second line of defense:

Firewalls and Antivirus Software are essential measures any internet user should take as these are powerful tools against invasive spyware – they will attempt to quarantine and delete any questionable content found on your system!

Whether you need diagnostics for your computer, virus removal or just advice on problems with your computer, Karls Technology Computer Repair is here to help!


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