Superior Computer Consulting Services



Are you familiar with frustrating situations as portrayed in the above illustration? Perhaps you sought technological advice and assistance for your personal computer needs or for your small business, but the company you hired did not deliver the desired and promised outcome? Karls Technology is your one stop for all your essential TECHNOLOGICAL needs and demands!

There are countless advantages to having Karls Technology as your on-call computer specialist! We can get you set up with a wired or wireless LAN (Local Area Network) to connect your family’s or your company’s computers in case you desire the ability to share documents, files and printers. If there are issues with an existing network, we will run diagnostics and resolve the technological problems, thereby restoring your system’s productivity and efficiency. The security of your wireless network is a paramount concern, as well. We will take fundamental computer safety measures to thwart and/or remove all invasive spyware & hacker threats and protect your personal, sensitive data. Our system optimization and regular maintenance services will furthermore boost and accelerate your computer’s performance! Data backup, secure data recovery and data migration are the requisite procedures and resources we use to prevent catastrophic data loss and/or to safely recover ‘lost’ data (dependent on the situation). Karls Technology also provides installation, repair & upgrade services for internal or external hardware devices as well as operating system installation including all the vital updates for your desktop or laptop.

Karls Technology sincerely aspires to provide you with the professional and superior Computer Consulting Services you deserve!



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