Office 365 Improvements Coming in August

Within the last few years, negative feedback from clients and admins in regards to Office activation management have been concerning to Microsoft. So in the month of August, they will be implementing changes to Office 365. These changes will improve and simplify the licensing technology for clients with subscriptions.

Shubham Gupta from Microsoft writes, ” In August, we’ll start slowly rolling out these changes to commercial customers on Monthly Channel. The roll-out will continue to Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) in September, and Semi-Annual Channel in January 2020.”

Changes will include:

  • Signing out automatically
  • No deactivation cues
  • Managing device activation
  • No Activation/Deactivation Error

There will still be a 5-device sign-in limit. And you’ll continue to sign in to Office 365. You will not have to do anything to allow these changes to happen in your Office 365 account. These improvements will happen when they’re available.

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